SFTP Server connection diagnostic Application

The tool available on this page allow to diagnostic connection to Genomic Paris Centre SFTP server. This tool works on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. It requires a Java Virtual Machine for running. You can download it on Oracle Website. If you had any issue to launch this diagnostic tool, please first install the lastest version of Java.

There is many ways to launch the diagnostic tool:

Once the diagnostic tool is launched, you must wait the end of the diagnostic. It can takes several minutes. After the end of the diagnostic, you can click on Send diagnotic to IBENS Genomic Platform button to open your email client and create a new email to our platform with all the diagnostic information.

Launching the diagnotic tool using command line

If you know how using the command line under Linux or Mac OS X, open a terminal and execute the following command line:

  • Mac OS X
  • $ curl http://outils.genomique.biologie.ens.fr/sftpdiag/SFTPServerDiagnostics.jar -o SFTPServerDiagnostics.jar && java -jar SFTPServerDiagnostics.jar
  • Linux
  • $ wget http://outils.genomique.biologie.ens.fr/sftpdiag/SFTPServerDiagnostics.jar && java -jar SFTPServerDiagnostics.jar

Launching the diagnostic tool using Java Web start

If Java is installed on your computer and well configured, you just had to click on this launch button:

Sometimes the launch button does not work, so try with this link.

Launching the diagnotic tool after a manual install

It is sometimes easy to launch the diagnostic tool using this way. To do that:

Launching the tool using command line on Windows

You've just had downloaded the JAR file of the tool, so you just need to execute it.

C:\Users\Guest\> cd Downloads
C:\Users\Guest\> java -jar SFTPServerDiagnostics.jar

Launching the tool using command line on Mac OS X

You've just had downloaded the JAR file of the tool, so you just need to execute it.

$ java -jar ~/Downloads/SFTPServerDiagnostics.jar