Launch analysis on Amazon Web service cloud

This command launch Eoulsan on Amazon Web Services Cloud. The data is first upload on Amazon S3 storage before running analysis is started using the Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) service. To run Eoulsan on AWS, you must set the AWS credentials in global parameters of your workflow file or in a configuration file. Eoulsan use the AWS Java SDK library to transfer data to Amazon S3 and launch Amazon Elastic MapReduce jobs.

  • Command name: emrexec
  • Mandatory parameters:
    Parameter Value Description
    workflow path a path The path to workflow file to use
    design path a path The path design file to use
    data path on S3 a path The path where to upload data on S3

  • Optional parameters:
    Parameter Value Description
    -d, --description string The description of the analysis. This description will be used as AWS MapReduce job name.

  • Usage:
    $ emrexec -d 'My Eoulsan test' workflow.xml design.txt s3://my-bucket/test