How to compile Teolenn

To build Teolenn, you need a Java 2 Standard Edition SDK greater or equals to 5.0 and Maven 2.0.x.

The next commands works whatever your operating system and the "$" character represent the command line prompt.

To compile Teolenn, the default memory allocated by Maven is not enough. Your must set the environment variable MAVEN_OPTS to do this. To change this variable using bash use the built-in command export (512MiB or 1GiB is a good amount of memory of Maven):

$ export MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx1024m

First set your current directory to the base directory of Teolenn.

To build both source and binary distribution:

$ mvn install

To generate documentation:

$ mvn site

To generate distributions and documentation:

$ mvn site install

To clean the build directories:

$ mvn clean