How I can conctact the authors

You can contact the authors of Teolenn by mail or using the the teolenn group on Google group.

How can I contribute to Teolenn?

Teolenn is a free software project. Everybody is encouraged to contribute to Teolenn. There are lots of ways in which you can help to continue Teolenn:

There are several places to look for more information if you want to get involved in the development. The first step is to subscribe to the teolenn group. You will soon see something that can be improved or added.

How do I commit a bug report?

As Teolenn code is hosting by Google, you can use the issue tracker bind to our project.

How do I get access to the code repository ?

The Teolenn project uses the Subversion system to develop the core parts of the software. To facilitate contributions to our project, Teolenn code is hosted by Google code hosting. You can freely access to the main page of the project and to the subversion repository.