Download Aozan version 2.2.1

Aozan is distributed in several formats for your convenience.

Aozan is distributed under the GNU General Public License and CeCill.

A full changelog is available in the release note page.

System Requirements

Component Comment
Operating system Currently Aozan runs only under Linux (due to mapper binary dependencies).
Memory By default 4096 MiB are allocated to the JVM for running Aozan. You can edit this value in the file with the -Xmx option of the JVM. Aozan launches external tools like bcl2fastq or Bowtie that also required memory. In the end, 8 GiB seems to be a good amount of memory to run Aozan.
Processor architecture Aozan can run only under x86-64 architecture (due to mappers requirements). Multi processors or multi core systems (SMP) are highly recommended.
Java Runtime Environment (J2SE) 7 or above. We strongly recommend the sun/oracle version of the jre (or openJDK). You can check your installed jre version typing:
$ java -version
bcl2fastq 2.17 or above.
rsync 3.0.x or above.
Docker 1.7.1 or above, optional use in the demultiplexing step or to launch Aozan.
blast2 or blast+ 2.2.26 or above, optional use in the quality control step.