Example data

We provide in this section all the required files to test Aozan. These raw data files have been produced during a mouse RNASeq experiment. The run was perform on an Illumina NextSeq 500 sequencer in paired-end 75 bases mode.

Create a demo configuration

To simply the launch of an Aozan demo, we now provide a shell script, that allow to create all directories required by Aozan and a valid configuration file. This script can also download all the files required by the demo (raw data and reference data).

You can perform a full Aozan demo computation using the following command lines:

  • Download the script.
    $ wget http://outils.genomique.biologie.ens.fr/aozan/data/configure-aozan-demo.sh
  • Set the execute attribute on script
     $ chmod +x configure-aozan-demo.sh
  • Launch the script and the download of the required files
     $ ./configure-aozan-demo.sh
  • Launch Aozan
     $ ./aozan-demo/aozan-2.2.1/aozan.sh ./aozan-demo/conf/aozan.conf