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Version Date Description
1.0.1 2011-08-23/
1.0 2010-03-31/
0.47 2010-02-08/
0.46 2010-01-29/
0.45 2010-01-14/
0.44 2009-09-21
0.43 2009-09-18
0.42 2009-09-14
0.41 2009-06-23
0.40 2009-05-12
0.39 2009-04-01
0.38 2008-09-05
0.37 2008-06-13
0.36 2008-04-18
0.35 2008-04-01
0.34 2008-02-21
0.33 2008-02-14
0.32 2008-02-13
0.31 2008-02-08
0.30 2008-01-16
0.29 2007-12-05
0.28 2007-11-26
0.27 2007-11-21
0.26 2007-11-12
0.25 2007-11-09
0.24 2007-04-15
0.23 2007-01-04
0.22 2006-12-14
0.21 2006-10-22
0.20 2006-10-25
0.19 2006-10-25
0.18 2006-10-24
0.17 2006-09-15
0.16 2006-09-13
0.15 2006-06-20
0.14 2006-06-16
0.13 2006-06-15
0.12 2006-06-14
0.11 2006-06-13
0.10 2006-06-13
0.9 2006-05-18
0.8 2006-05-12
0.7 2006-05-11
0.6 2006-05-05
0.5 2006-05-04
0.1 Initial release

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Release 1.0.1 - 2011-08-23/

Type Changes By
Now distances can be negative if testing point is also in surface points (and not only in inner points). jourdren

Release 1.0 - 2010-03-31/

Type Changes By
Corsen is now 1.0. First public release. jourdren

Release 0.47 - 2010-02-08/

Type Changes By
Small website updates. jourdren

Release 0.46 - 2010-01-29/

Type Changes By
Update of Corsen website. jourdren

Release 0.45 - 2010-01-14/

Type Changes By
Update Mac OS X Mac OS version. Now works under Snow Leopard. jourdren
Update website to allow to launch Corsen application with various amount of memory. jourdren
Add a FAQ to the website. jourdren
Add a VirtualBox image for platform where Corsen don't work. jourdren

Release 0.44 - 2009-09-21

Type Changes By
Many fixes in documentation and website. jourdren
Zipfiles for Corsen source had a root directory jourdren
Change URL for submit bugs jourdren

Release 0.43 - 2009-09-18

Type Changes By
Many fixes in documentation and website. jourdren
Rename methods of DistanceProcessor (more comprehensive). Update documentaion od Distances processors. jourdren
Use custom velocity script to generate website. jourdren

Release 0.42 - 2009-09-14

Type Changes By
Many small fixes. jourdren
Rename many methods to fit the actual names of the particles jourdren
Update documentation and website. jourdren
Add CeCILL license in addition of GPL. jourdren

Release 0.41 - 2009-06-23

Type Changes By
Rename the types of particles. jourdren
Barycenter particles use now barycenter as presentation points. jourdren
The version of ImageJ checked by Corsen plugin is now the version of the runtime ImageJ and no more the ImageJ version used to compile Corsen plugin. jourdren

Release 0.40 - 2009-05-12

Type Changes By
In configuration dialog, Ok and Cancel has no effect. (Effect from QtJambi 4.4 ?). jourdren

Release 0.39 - 2009-04-01

Type Changes By
Fix issue in the computation of median circularities of particles. jourdren
Now use Qt Jambi 4.4.3_01. jourdren

Release 0.38 - 2008-09-05

Type Changes By
Change the localisation of Corsen plugin in ImageJ Plugin (now in Plugins>Analysis>Corsen Plugin). jourdren
Add new par test files and generator of test files. jourdren
In Corsen plugin, "Show Particles 3D" don't show edge particles when exclude on edge in enable. jourdren
Scale issue when coordinate factor is set. jourdren
Use an internal version of Jakata Math median algorithm, otherwise ImageJ nean Jakarta Math jar. jourdren
Use in HugeParticle a list of surface points found by BitMapParticles3D. jourdren
Corsen calc distances even when the number of computation is very low. jourdren
Test if prefix in directory exists (command line batch mode from a file). jourdren
Load configuration file in command line batch mode. jourdren

Release 0.37 - 2008-06-13

Type Changes By
Log levels now works. jourdren
Multi batch mode (read a file with directories and prefixes to use). jourdren
Fix bug in inclusion test for huge particles. jourdren
More random color for particles in 3D view. jourdren
Particles are more shining in 3D view. Add parameters for transparency for particles A and B in Corsen Settings. jourdren
Update documentation. jourdren
Update multithread distance computation. jourdren

Release 0.36 - 2008-04-18

Type Changes By
Use a modified JFreechart version to not show medians in boxplots. jourdren
Don't show outliers in boxplots. jourdren
Add filters in 3D view. jourdren
User can save particles 3D after filtering. jourdren
Show results for cuboids and mitos. jourdren
Add filters on read particles. jourdren
Tables of Results tab can be sorted. jourdren
Fix legend in histogram in History tab. jourdren

Release 0.35 - 2008-04-01

Type Changes By
3D Renderer use Marching cubes. jourdren
QPixMap are now created in GUI thread. jourdren
More code cleaning. jourdren
Use the last point of a filename to get the basename of the file. jourdren
Tables in Results tab can be sorted. jourdren
Add some stats (with a custom one) in History tab. jourdren

Release 0.34 - 2008-02-21

Type Changes By
Ajout d'un mode de calcul des distances utilisant les barycentres des particules sans découpage en cuboides. jourdren
Bogue dans l'historique des résultats jourdren

Release 0.33 - 2008-02-14

Type Changes By
Use stats of minimal distances for the boxplot. Avoid useless computation. jourdren

Release 0.32 - 2008-02-13

Type Changes By
Many minors fixes. jourdren
Add units in graphics legends. jourdren
The number of Histogram classes is now 25. jourdren
Fix bug in area calc. jourdren
Add mean of median in results of history. jourdren
Add transparency to plots. jourdren
Use a QSpliter to split tables and plots. jourdren
Many bug fixes and optimization found with findbugs. jourdren

Release 0.31 - 2008-02-08

Type Changes By
The locale of the application is now English/United Kingdom. jourdren
The creation of graphics is now in a different thread to avoid freezing the application. jourdren
The number of classes for histograms can be set in settings. jourdren
Histograms are not updated while computation. jourdren
The calculation time is now showed in the log for each cell. jourdren
The 3D view is only created once. jourdren
GUI not showed whole file path to avoid large windows for GUI. jourdren
Computation of a cell can be relaunched in History tab. jourdren
Add a tab that save the history of the computation. jourdren
Add transparency to 3D view. jourdren
Fix bug in apply to change coordinates of points. jourdren

Release 0.30 - 2008-01-16

Type Changes By
Fix Qt memory leak in multi-threads. jourdren
Fix compare of negative distances. jourdren
Results tab is now functional. jourdren
The particle type is now the particle type select in the settings. jourdren
Add internal identifiers and comments of particles in data files. jourdren
Rewriting of processor for huge particles. jourdren
Add graphics in Results tab. jourdren

Release 0.29 - 2007-12-05

Type Changes By
Bug in basename of ".data" files with batch mode. jourdren
The basename of ".iv" et ".R" now use the name of the particle in Corsen settings. jourdren
Calc area, volume and intensities of cuboids. jourdren
Add area, sphericity and density to ".iv" files. jourdren
32 bits images are not allowed in Corsen Plugin. jourdren
Add density in ".par" files. The ".par" file format is now 1.3. Corsen can't read previous version of the file format. jourdren
Show sphericity in summary in the Corsen plugin. jourdren
Fix freeze in multi-threads. jourdren
Add "about" menu in ImageJ for Corsen Plugin. jourdren

Release 0.28 - 2007-11-26

Type Changes By
New ImageJ plugin wrote from scratch. jourdren
User can select the backend for points data storage. jourdren
Particles on edge can be removed from the segmentation. jourdren
Fix bug when scale values are not equals to 1. jourdren

Release 0.27 - 2007-11-21

Type Changes By
Correction de bogue dans la reconstruction des objets 3D. jourdren
Scales coefficients from settings are now used. jourdren
New ".par" file format (uncompatible with the previous version of the format). Add volume and area. jourdren
"Show Particles 3D" use only one stack, and object are in differents colors. jourdren
Change the package of Particles3D. Segmentation 3D is now in a standalone class. jourdren
Fix ".iv" file format. jourdren
The ImageJ plugin is now called "Corsen Plugin" in ImageJ. jourdren
New class for Particles3D binarisation. jourdren

Release 0.26 - 2007-11-12

Type Changes By
Fix, Get good pixel for intensities. jourdren
The code for saving particles 3D in now outside the plugin ImageJ. jourdren
Plus d'exception, si l'image à analyser dans le plugin ImageJ n'a pas de fichier associé. jourdren

Release 0.25 - 2007-11-09

Type Changes By
Use Qt Jambi 4.3.2_01 for GUI. jourdren
Fix the search of the Corsen version by the ImageJ plugin. jourdren
The ImageJ plugin is now package as a jar archive. jourdren

Release 0.24 - 2007-04-15

Type Changes By
Use maven 2 for building executables and website. jourdren
Use maven to build Java Web Start version of Corsen. jourdren
The version (and others informations) of Corsen is now stored in Corsen jar. This informations are update when building the executable. jourdren
Fix a critical bug in Corsen (due to changes in Corsen 0.23). jourdren

Release 0.23 - 2007-01-04

Type Changes By
GUI use Qt Jambi 1.0. jourdren
Use multithreading compatation of distance. jourdren
Various internal code reorganisation and GUI. jourdren
Update 3D visualization. jourdren
Corsen can be use with command line interface. jourdren

Release 0.22 - 2006-12-14

Type Changes By
Works under Mac OS X. jourdren
User can select for each particle the type of distance calculator. jourdren
Now use Java 5. jourdren
Add unit tests for calc distances between particles. jourdren

Release 0.21 - 2006-10-22

Type Changes By
New interface created with Qt Jambi. Corsen can use several differents GUI. jourdren
Add a class to handle settings. jourdren
Update the precision of internal storage of points. jourdren

Release 0.20 - 2006-10-25

Type Changes By
Show resultats in tables. jourdren
Visualisation 3D of particles. jourdren
Calc also the volume and the intensity of cuboids. jourdren
Fix errors in ".data" files. jourdren

Release 0.19 - 2006-10-25

Type Changes By
Use internal points of Particles2D to test the intersection of 2 Particles2D. This methods is far much fine. jourdren
New option in R ("corsen.unicolor") to show particles in differents colors. jourdren

Release 0.18 - 2006-10-24

Type Changes By
To remove a cuboid, all neighbours must be full. jourdren
New faster algorithm for creation of cuboids. jourdren

Release 0.17 - 2006-09-15

Type Changes By
Update documentation of "calc.R". jourdren
Informations about the progres of Corsen is now correct. jourdren
Fix the bug when reading ".par" files. jourdren
Autochoose the size of the cuboids. jourdren
Set the background of the 3D visualization in black. Add fog. jourdren

Release 0.16 - 2006-09-13

Type Changes By
Optimize computation. jourdren
Change the format of ".par" files. Older files still usable. jourdren
Add a header and a column of maximal distances in the result file. jourdren
Add a scale in RGL visualization. jourdren
Move all the generation of RGL in one class. jourdren
Update distance calculation. jourdren
Add new results files : ".iv" files that contains intensities and volumes of mito, RNA and cuboids. jourdren

Release 0.15 - 2006-06-20

Type Changes By
Add middle points in 3D visualization. jourdren

Release 0.14 - 2006-06-16

Type Changes By
New method to test if a barycenter of a RNA is in a mito when distances < 1. jourdren
Fix nClass bug in "calc.R". jourdren
The size of the points in 3D visualization can be modified. jourdren

Release 0.13 - 2006-06-15

Type Changes By
Autoloading of RGL when execute R script for show particles in 3D. jourdren
Add a variable in R script to disable surfaces and barycenter in 3D visualization. jourdren
Optimize the speed of the search of duplicated points when reading ".par" files. jourdren
Option for replace points by spheres. jourdren
The number of classes can be set in parameter in "calc.R". jourdren
Included RNA in mito have negative distances. jourdren

Release 0.12 - 2006-06-14

Type Changes By
Fix a bug in 3D segmentation: intersection tests was doing with bad particles 2D in the first segmentations. jourdren

Release 0.11 - 2006-06-13

Type Changes By
Fix bug in computation of distances between RNA and mito. jourdren
Remove duplicated points in Particles3D. jourdren
Add a setting to fix the size of a pixel. jourdren

Release 0.10 - 2006-06-13

Type Changes By
Fix the bog that removing Particles3D when adding to itself. jourdren
Show in 2D, segmented Particles 3D. jourdren
Windows Look and Feel under Windows (don't work). jourdren

Release 0.9 - 2006-05-18

Type Changes By
Add thresholds in ".par" files. jourdren
Optimize computation of cuboids. Now very very fast. jourdren

Release 0.8 - 2006-05-12

Type Changes By
Fix open file bug. jourdren
Optimize computation of cuboids. jourdren
Reorder the task : R graph are created after reading of ".par" files and computation of cuboids. jourdren
Add new methods in Particles3D to write R code immediately in a file to save memory. jourdren
Show an error message when the directory or the files to handle doesn't exists. jourdren
Add a progress bar to show the progress of the computation. jourdren
Refresh the GUI while computation. jourdren

Release 0.7 - 2006-05-11

Type Changes By
New name for Distance : Corsen jourdren
The extension of output file of the plugin is ".par". jourdren
The ".par" file contains information about the name and the last modified date of the original image. jourdren
Add the name and the version of application in the ".par" file. jourdren
Remove debug printings. jourdren

Release 0.6 - 2006-05-05

Type Changes By
Particles with null intensity are not saved. jourdren
The size of the cuboids can now be defined in the settings. jourdren
The Z scale can be changed. jourdren
The extension of the image file is not contain in the output file of the plugin. jourdren
Add another graph in R. jourdren
Graph and summaries are now optional. Les graphiques et les résumés sont optionnels. jourdren
R script is now commented. jourdren

Release 0.5 - 2006-05-04

Type Changes By
Add a R script to analyse the outputs of Distances applications. jourdren
Only one R file to generate each type of particles. jourdren
Use ".data" extension for data to analyse with R. jourdren
Use ".result" for the complete result file. jourdren
In Distance application, a directory can be selected to run the application in batch mode. jourdren
In ImageJ plugin the dialogbox in now optional. jourdren

Release 0.4 -

Type Changes By
Particles3D object contains all objects points with intensities. jourdren
Opimize memory for storing points. jourdren
Automaticaly generation of outputs filenames (with parameters in settings of the algorithm). jourdren
Add computation of barycenters. jourdren
Add computation of cuboids barycenters. jourdren
Add computation of distances betweens RNA cuboids. jourdren
Generate R source code to visualize 3D objects with RGl. jourdren

Release 0.3 -

Type Changes By
Inclusion test of RNA in mitochondia. jourdren
Add minimal distance for each RNA. jourdren
Save current directory in distance application. jourdren
Calc intensity sum for each object. jourdren
Use the ImageJ alogorithm to calc areas. jourdren

Release 0.2 -

Type Changes By
Add a GUI for distance computation. jourdren
Use ImageJ global parameters to calc distances (e.g. 1px=0.1mm). jourdren

Release 0.1 -

Type Changes By
Initial import. jourdren