Supported platforms

This following table summaries the availability of the differents components of Corsen for major computer platforms. Your current platform is:

Operating system Arch Corsen ImageJ plugin Corsen Application Corsen Command line Comments
Windows x86 32 bits Yes Yes Yes
Windows x86_64 64 bits Yes Yes Yes Still works in 32-bit mode.
Linux x86 32 bits Yes Yes Yes
Linux x86_64 64 bits Yes No Yes
Mac OS X Intel Yes Yes(*) Yes (*) Experimental. Only for Mac OS Snow Leopard (10.6) and Java 6. 32-bit mode only.
Other OS with Java 5 or newer Yes No Yes

Run Corsen with VirtualBox

If your platform is not supported by Corsen, you can also run Corsen inside a virtual machine. VirtualBox is a free software that allow to run instances of virtual machine on most platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris).

  1. Download VirtualBox package for your platform and install it.
  2. Install an operating system (e.g. a linux distribution such ubuntu) or Ready to use Virtualbox images for Ubuntu (and other OS) available here.
  3. Use Corsen.

Note: The 3D emulation of the virtual machine by VirtualBox is currently not stable and may produce some freeze of Corsen.