Corsen source code

Corsen is a free software and is distributed under the General Public License. You can download, compile and modify the source code of Corsen.

Download source code

Corsen source is distributed in several formats for your convenience.

Code repository

You can also download the Corsen source from our code repository hosted by Google code hosting. On the main page of Corsen on this forge you have access to the issue tracker and to the source browser of the project.


To build Corsen, you need a Java 2 Standard Edition SDK greater or equals to 5.0, Maven 2.x and Qt Jambi 4.3.3_01.

The default memory allocated by Maven is not enough. Your must set the environment variable MAVEN_OPTS to do this. To change this variable using bash use the built-in command export (512MiB or 1GiB is a good amount of memory of Maven):

To compile Corsen, you need to add the environment variable JAMBI_HOME to your system that contains the path to your Qt Jambi installation. Due to a bug in integrate-jnlp-site maven plug-in under Windows, your path to JDK must not contain any space (so your JDK can't be installed in C:\Program Files).

First set your current directory to the base directory of Corsen. The next commands works whatever your operating system and the "$" character represent the command line prompt.

To build build both source and binary distribution:

$ mvn site install

To clean the build directories:

$ mvn clean