Eoulsan configuration for clusters

Eoulsan can work out of the box on a cluster. You must to set the main.cluster.scheduler.name global parameter in the configuration file or in the workflow file to activate this mode. Then, use the clusterexec command to use the cluster for executing your workflow.

The current supported cluster schedulers are:

Scheduler name main.cluster.scheduler.name value Comment
HTCondor htcondor Works, tested on IBENS cluster.
TGCC tgcc Works, tested at TGCC.
PBSPro pbspro Not tested.
SLURM slurm Not tested.
TORQUE torque Not tested.

The number of processors and the amount of memory to use by the submitted tasks on the cluster can be defined using the requiredprocs and requiredmemory attributes of the step tag of the worfklow file.

Note: The command wrapper scripts to submit tasks to PBSPro, SLURM and TORQUE schedulers comes from the Bpipe project source code.