Standard Installation

The installation of Eoulsan on all *nix systems is quite similar and very easy. You don't need to be the root user of your system to install Eoulsan.

The only tool you need to have is a tar/gz/bz2/zip extractor.

  • Download Eoulsan on our website.
  • $ wget
  • Unzip the archive where you want install the software.
  • $ tar xzf eoulsan-2.6.1.tar.gz
  • Eoulsan is ready to run.
  • $ cd eoulsan-2.6.1
    $ ./

If you want to run Eoulsan on a local Hadoop cluster, see the Hadoop configuration page for more informations about Hadoop installation and configuration.

Installation using Docker

It is very easy to install Eoulsan using Docker. You just had to execute the following command:

$ curl | bash

This command will create a script in your current directory that launch Eoulsan in a Docker container with the right Environment. This script automatically:

  • Set Eoulsan environment variable of the host in the container
  • Allow access to your ~/.eoulsan configuration file by the container
  • Mount Eoulsan resource repositories defined in ~/.eoulsan configuration file in in the container

You can use eoulsan-docker just as the standard script.

If you want to use another version of Eoulsan than the version defined in eoulsan-docker, just edit the script and change the following line. For the latest version, you can of course reinstall the script.


The list of available docker versions of Eoulsan can be found on docker website.