Download Eoulsan version 2.6.1

Eoulsan is distributed in several formats for your convenience.

Older versions of Eoulsan are available on Eoulsan GitHub release page.

Eoulsan is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and CeCill-C.

A full changelog is available in the release note page.

System Requirements

Component Comment
Operating system Currently Eoulsan runs only under Linux (due to mappers binaries dependencies). However Eoulsan core is compatible with all *nix where Java is available.
Memory By default 4096 MiB are allocated to the JVM for running Eoulsan. You can use another value with the -m parameter of However Eoulsan use external tools like Bowtie that also need memory, 8 GiB seem to be a good amount of memory to run Eoulsan.
Processor architecture Currently Eoulsan can only run under x86-64 architecture (due to mappers requirements). Multi processors or multi cores system (SMP) are strongly recommended.
Java Runtime Environment 11 or above. We recommend the OpenJDK version of the JRE. You can check your installed JRE version with:
$ java -version
Hadoop In distributed mode, Hadoop 0.20.x/1.0.x is required (later versions has not been yet tested).