Corsen command line version

The Corsen command line version is a version of the Corsen application that only run in command line. To launch it under Windows type :

C:\Corsen> corsen.bat batchfile.txt

and the following command line under *nix :

$ batchfile.txt

When running, this version select the user saved options in Corsen application as configuration. As this version of Corsen is 100% pure Java, it can be launched on any couple of operating system (Windows, Linux, Solaris...) and processor (x86-32, x86-64, PowerPC, ARM...) where a Java runtime is available.

batch file format

The batch file must be a text file with tabular as separator, the first line of the file will be ignored. The following table show an example of a batch file.

Directory path Particle A prefix Particle B prefix
W:/microscopie/ImageJ/070411/G1 G1-lacz-(1_2_1_0) G1-mito-(2_0_2_1)
W:/microscopie/ImageJ/070411/G24 G24-lacz-(1_2_1_0) G24-mito-(2_0_2_1)

Download Corsen cli

Corsen CLI version is distributed in several formats for your convenience.