Create hadoop jar

This command allow to create a jar file that contains all the plugins and dependencies needed to run your analysis in distributed mode. The generated jar name is like eoulsan-2.6.1-a19e9799.jar. Use this command before running manualy Eoulsan on a Hadoop local cluster or on AWS MapReduce.

  • Optional parameters: none

  • Usage:
    $ createhadoopjar

Run manualy Eoulsan in Hadoop mode

With the jar file generated you can manualy launch Eoulsan with a Hadoop command:

$ hadoop jar eoulsan-2.6.1-a19e9799.jar execjarhadoop hdfs:// hdfs:// hdfs://
  • Optional parameters:
    Parameter Value Description
    -d, --description a description The description of the task
    -e, --environment a description The description of the environment
    --upload none Upload data only, no computation will be done
    -p,- -parent-job-time an integer The number of seconds since the epoch (January 1th 1970) at the creation of the parent job