Synchronization step

This step copies output run files from the sequencer computer to another place (usually a safe storage). On a sequencer using RTA 1.x, CIF files can be excluded from the copy. This step can be disabled and the demultiplexing step can be configured using the demux.use.hiseq.output parameter to directly use the output of the sequencer as input.

Configuration parameters

The next table contains the parameters of this step.

Aozan property Type Default value description
sync.step boolean True Enable the step string Not set Path of the email template for the end of the synchronization step. double 0.2 Factor to use to get the estimation of space needed in bcl directory for the run from the space used in hiSeq directory by the run

An example of email sent at the end of synchronization step.

  • Example on HiSeq 1500

    example of mail sent at the end on synchronization