Release History

1.0.1 2005-09-19
1.0 2005-07-18
1.0-rc9 2005-04-15
1.0-rc8 2005-04-15
1.0-rc7 2005-04-11

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Release 1.0.1 - 2005-09-19

add Add information about empty spot in the report. jourdren
fix Fix bug with empty spot in the arrayplot. jourdren
fix Fix bug with scrollbar in html documentation widget. jourdren
add An array description can be added in the report. jourdren
fix Fix bug with custom empty identifiers. jourdren
fix In minimal intensity test, the channel to test can be set. jourdren

Release 1.0 - 2005-07-18

fix Fix bug with logarithmic axis. jourdren

Release 1.0-rc9 - 2005-04-15

add Use a Pluggable Look And Feel from JGoodies looks under *nix. jourdren
add Add information pages (about test and documentation of a test) in contextual menu. jourdren
add New test: GenericTest, generic test for a column of GPR. jourdren
add New test: GlobalMaxBadFeaturesRemovedTest, count the maximal bad spots removed in a TestSuite jourdren
update In the output gal file, now, don't remove line but change the the identifier of the line and add in the description field the reason of the reject of the spot. jourdren
update The arrayplot now show in white, feature which fail to one or more tests but doesn't be removed. jourdren
update Reorganize the file hierachy of the application. Ready for online update of doelan when available. jourdren
add User can set the identifiers of the empty spots. jourdren
update Test identifiers are now in the same order in the TestSuite tab and this the report. jourdren
fix Bad result for spot heterogenity. jourdren
update Now use JFreechart to draw plot. jourdren

Release 1.0-rc8 - 2005-04-15

fix Fix bug for saving and printing report. jourdren
add Add a framework for global tests. jourdren
add New Global test: Count all the bad spots in a TestSuite. jourdren
add Report tab: Show the manufactuer, the name and the revision of the array (informations from GAL file). jourdren
add Report tab: Add a line in summary section of the report which show the final result of the TestSuite. :-) jourdren
update Use now romde 0.6-CVS. jourdren
update Majors changes in romde workflow organization. Now an algorithm before generating the report runs all the globals. Add useful methods to get romde data object from Romde platform container. jourdren

Release 1.0-rc7 - 2005-04-11

fix Fix huge memory usage by BioAssay Objects in Romde. jourdren
update ArrayPlot use margin with. jourdren
update Update maven configuration files. jourdren
fix Fix Graphics plots. jourdren

Release 1.0-rc6 -

add Initial realease in CVS. jourdren
add New Graph : Array visualisation. jourdren
fix Safari problem. jourdren
fix Windows sample plugin compilation script now works. jourdren
add Make a sample plugin : windows batch. jourdren
update Make a logo and an icon. jourdren
add Modifier le script d'integration à Genepix pour qu'il affiche un message d'erreur quand il n'est pas executé dans Genepix. jourdren
fix Change the name of the launcher. jourdren
add New Graph : Distribution graph. jourdren
add New test: Spot size. jourdren
add New test: Empty spot. jourdren
add New test: Heterogenous spot. jourdren
add New result output : HTML report. jourdren
add GUI : Save result array list button. jourdren
add GUI : Save report button. jourdren
add New array list output : GAL File. jourdren
fix Change the background of the graph : lighter color jourdren
add Show the TestSuite name in TestSuite tab and report tab jourdren
add Show the units of the thresholds. jourdren
add Show the threshold on the graphs. jourdren
add New test: Valid spotting. jourdren
update Polish Report tab jourdren
add GUI : Print report button. jourdren
fix Clear TestSuite and result tab when start a workflow. jourdren
add Make a sample plugin (jar + source in docs). jourdren
add Add a progress bar. jourdren