Standalone installation

The installation of Doelan on all platform is quite similar and very easy. You don't need to be the administrator or the root user of your system to install Doelan.

The only tool you need to have is a zip extractor. A zip extract tool is included on Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS.

If you are a user of Windows prior to XP, you can download 7-Zip (7-Zip is a free software) at the following location

  • Download Doelan on our website
  • Unzip the archive where you want install the software
  • Doelan is ready to run.

Installation for Genepix integration

To configure Genepix integration of Genepix, you need to allow the Doelan applet in Genepix to read and write on your filesystem and set the path to the doelan report page in Genepix.

Modify Doelan Applet security permissions

To allow a normal execution of Doelan in Genepix, you need to modify the security permissions for the applet. Edit the {JAVA_HOME}/lib/security/java.policy and add the following lines:

// Doelan permissions
grant codebase "{PATH_TO_DOELAN}/lib/*" {
  permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "*";
  permission "<<ALL FILES>>", "read";
  permission "<<ALL FILES>>", "write";
  permission java.util.PropertyPermission "*", "read";


{JAVA_HOME}i is the path to your java installation and {PATH_TO_DOELAN} is the path to Doelan on your filesystem.

Add the link to the doelan report page in Genepix

To have an access to Doelan in the report tab of Genepix, you must modify the index of the genepix report file: C:\Axon\Scripts\GenePixPro5\Default.htm

Analysis Reports
  <a href="{PATH_TO_DOELAN}\genepix-applet.html">
  Doelan Quality Report</a>.