People behind Doelan

Doelan is developed by the bioinformatic team of the microarray platform at the École Normale Supérieure:

Claude JacqTranscriptome platform head responsible
Stéphane Le CromBioinformatic responsible and Doelan testing
Laurent JourdrenDoelan design and coding

Special thanks to:

Corinne Blugeon, Fanny Coulpier, Frédéric Devaux and Véronique TantyFor Doelan testing
Charles HébertFor the new logo


Who can you contact if you have any question:

  • The Doelan users mailing list for comments, helps, bugs, sugestions, helps about writing Doelan new features and plugins or anything else about using Doelan.

  • The author for other questions about Doelan.
  • The webmaster for questions about the Doelan website.
  • The contact page of the microarray platform of the École Normale Supérieure for questions concerning our platform.

You can also visits our microarray platform website.