Differential analysis results annotation module

This module allow to add additional annotations to differential analysis result files and create files in TSV, ODS or XLSX formats. This module works like the expression annotation module and will process all the files in output directory that matches with the diffana_*.tsv pattern.

IDs can be linked with a hypertext link with ods and xlsx outputs. For more information check the hypertext link subsection in the expression annotation module page.

  • Internal name: diffanaresultsannotation
  • Available: Both local and distributed mode

  • Input ports:
    • additionalannotation: additional annotation file in TSV format (format: additional_annotation_tsv) (Not required if use.additional.annotation.file is set to false)

  • Output port: None

  • Mandatory parameter: None

  • Optional parameters:
  • Parameter Type Default value Description
    use.additional.annotation.file boolean true Set if an additional annotation file must be used.
    output.format string tsv One or more format name for the output separated by a comma.
    files string diffana_*.tsv A Glob expression to select the files to convert.
    output.prefix string step Id The prefix of the output files.
  • Configuration example:
  • <!-- Additional annotation for differential analysis -->
    <step skip="false">