Import module

This module allow to import files in the workflow without the need to declare all the steps that has been used to create the files. This module can also be used to import files that are not related to the design file.

If the files to import use the Eoulsan naming convention, the data name and the data format of the file will be directly extrated from the filename. In the other cases, the extension of the file will be used to guess the data format and the filename without the file extension will be the data name.

  • Name: import
  • Available: Both local and distributed mode

  • Input port:
    • input: None

  • Output port:
    • output: several output against the file pattern used in the parameters of the step

  • Mandatory parameter:
  • Parameter Type Description Default value
    files string The pattern of the files to import (e.g. *.sam) None

  • Optional parameter:
  • Parameter Type Description Default value
    format string The format of the file(s) to import Not set
    copy boolean If true, input data will be always copied, no symbolic link will be created false
  • Configuration example:
  • <!-- Import SAM step -->
    <step id="mysamimportstep" skip="false">